IT’S PAWSOME is a clothing brand with respect for people and animals. We consciously choose our products and suppliers carefully and consider the world around us. For example, we use organic and biological fabrics that are also produced vegan.
When choosing our materials, we made the best quality a major consideration. This is because we use the best fabrics to ensure that, in addition to sustainable clothing, you are also wearing a hugely comfortable product of the highest quality.


By wearing IT’S PAWSOME, you are contributing to a fairer and greener environment. This is important to us because we want many more generations to enjoy all the beauty that the earth, people and animals have to offer. If that can be done by using materials responsibly, we are happy to do our part.

IT'S PAWSOME - Let's make the world awesome


Tanja van de Braak

Tanja is the creative who handles our visibility on Facebook and Instagram. The volatility with which she comes up with ideas is diametrically opposed to her perfectionism. This ensures that everything is often examined before we start working on it.

When Tanja is not working on IT’S PAWSOME she is out running or taking pictures of her and her dog Beau. Oh yes, she also loves drinking wine and eating good food!

Finance man

Stefan Haver

Stefan is the man of the figures within IT’S PAWSOME. He takes care of the overview of the finances and keeps everyone on their toes. Typical of Stefan is his accuracy and also certainly his helpfulness. Together with Ivo, Stefan is Puk’s cat daddy.

Also eating out over a good glass of wine is something you can make Stefan very happy with. Last but not least, Stefan has great music taste.


Pascal van de Braak

Pascal is our man for the technical side of the website and online marketing. He is super driven and therefore likes to get to the bottom of things. In doing so, he always makes sure that our website is working and findable in the best possible way!
When Pascal is not online for IT’S PAWSOME, he enjoys playing tennis or watching a good series on Netflix.


Ivo van Boeijen

At IT’S PAWSOME, Ivo is the “watchdog” within the team. Within the weekly running of things, he makes sure the lines are drawn and works and thinks along with all matters. Ivo is a dog lover, but also gets along well with cats.

In daily life Ivo works in the automotive industry, something he has been interested in since childhood and he enjoys the good things in life, a true bon vivant!

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