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Clothing that is sustainable and affordable – at IT’S PAWSOME we are happy with this combination.

You don’t buy sustainable clothing just for yourself.

At IT’S PAWSOME we want to do everything we can to make sustainably made clothing accessible and affordable for everyone. However, you do not buy sustainable clothing just for yourself, even if it feels good. You also buy it for the people and animals behind the product. There is a whole world behind the product you put on every day.

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Did you know?

We buy 400% more clothes today than we did some 20 years ago? Fast fashion is not called fast fashion for nothing. Fast fashion is based on the highest possible production of clothes in order to get them into shops as quickly – and as cheaply – as possible. This is not only at the expense of the pressure on making and thereby exhausting the resources from nature, but also of the quality of the product. That must and can be done differently.

About the products

When is clothing sustainable?

Sustainability is of course in the production process (usually recycled and organic cotton), whereby the climate/environmental burden is minimized as much as possible with our clothing. Organic cotton, for example, has the advantage that much less water is required during production than conventional cotton.

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Sustainable vegan clothing

It is also extremely important to us that no processing of animal products takes place during the production process and that animal suffering is excluded throughout the entire process.

Our clothing is therefore PETA Approved Vegan.

Attention is also paid to fair working conditions. No chemicals are used at the sustainable plantations.

What do we pay attention to ourselves?

We also look at ourselves. We try to work as ‘lean’ as possible, keep a close eye on our stocks and try to offer as many unisex products as possible. All this with one result in mind: as little impact as possible on our living environment!

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