Organic clothing

Do you ever think about the clothes you wear? Where does it come from, how is it produced, what is its impact on people, animals and the environment? Often our clothing is produced in low-wage countries. The working conditions there are often not good, and in addition animal welfare and the environment are often not treated well.

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What is organic clothing?

We think it’s important enough to think about and do our part. It should be possible to ensure that in addition to quality and fine-fitting casual clothing, it is also a responsible product. In order to demonstrate this responsibility, there are often a lot of different terms used, which we would like to explain to you, hopefully this will give you clarity.

To give the best possible picture of the different terms used, we would like to explain what they mean. Organic is a good example of a word that is being used more and more. This is because the content says something about the product. It is important not to confuse it with the Dutch translation to the word ‘organic’ where the literal meaning is, ‘sprung from something living’. The correct translation to Dutch is ‘biologisch’.

When is clothing organic?

So what is organic and a little more specifically; what is organic clothing? As mentioned earlier, the content says something about the material of the product, in this case the clothing. In the manufacturing of organic natural textiles, efforts are made to be as environmentally, animal and human friendly as possible. A product may be called organic if strict, legally set standards for organic products have been met.

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What standards apply here?

You can of course think of the environment, requirements regarding (burdening of) the environment will have to be met. For example, no fertilizer or chemical pesticide may be used. Also, no chemical or synthetic fragrance, color, flavoring or preservative may be added to the product. Furthermore, it is important to literally think of the earth, the soil should be kept healthy with organic compost.

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