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Even though we may not always admit it, we take countless photos of our pets. We too are guilty of it; our entire rolls of film are full of countless photos of our dogs and cats. So how nice is it when you can also take a professional photo? That’s how we came across Pet Studio and they help you with this!

Who or what is Pet Studio?

We got in touch with Jelmer and Sanne from Pet Studio through their ambassador programme. We once purchased an e-book ourselves and were therefore invited to this. After our application, we got talking and found out that we have a lot of common ground. During a phone conversation with Jelmer, we talked to each other about the origins of our companies and our motivations!

How we can best describe Pet Studio is a fun and ambitious company with unique products and services. In fact, they offer dog photography courses and photo shoots for when you don’t want to do it yourself. A lot of the courses can be taken online and you don’t have to have a very expensive camera. You can also get started with your smartphone!

Professional dog photography

Your dog is the best and of course you want to capture that. With beautiful photos, you will have a lasting memory of your dog, which you can have beautifully printed on a canvas or other canvas, for example. Don’t know how to take those photos and don’t have time to learn? Then book a photo shoot at Pet Studio!

Take a course to learn it yourself

Do you enjoy getting into photography yourself? Then follow one of the online courses! There are courses on dog photography, indoor photography and smartphone photography. Pet Studio has more than 10 years of knowledge & experience as a professional dog photographer at your disposal. No fuss, just what you need to learn to take those beautiful photos of your dog!

To Pet Studio
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