Plantbased Dennis – IT’S PAWSOME partner from day 1

Since the beginning, Plantbased Dennis has been a proud partner of IT’S PAWSOME. Dennis is a biologist specialising in animal welfare and ethics, and a passionate vegan foodie. His mission is to help as many people as possible to eat plant-based food more and more often. Why? Because this is the best thing you can do for the animals, your health, the planet AND your fellow man.

Plantbased Dennis is passionate and knowledgeable about veganism. With his knowledge and experience, he wants to show you how easy, fun, diverse and logical a vegan lifestyle can be. Whether you are just starting to explore plant-based eating or are already a seasoned vegan, Dennis is always ready to inspire and guide you on your plant-based journey.

Why do we work together?

At IT’S PAWSOME, we understand that fashion is more than just clothes. It is also about ethics, sustainability and making conscious choices. Our collection of sustainable clothing reflects our commitment to a better world for people and animals.

By partnering with Plantbased Dennis, we can reach even more people and show them that a sustainable lifestyle is achievable and rewarding. Dennis regularly shares delicious vegan recipes, healthy lifestyle tips and insights into the ethics behind our food system. Together, we can inspire others to make conscious choices and make a positive impact.

We are proud that Plantbased Dennis is an essential part of IT’S PAWSOME community. Together, we are committed to a world in which animal welfare, health, the environment and compassion are central.

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