IT’S PAWSOME’S latest product line – THE BASICS

THE BASICS is a product line of new colours of products you already know from us. The benefit for you? Huge selection of beautiful and premium quality clothes. All these products meet the same high standards, including the PETA Approved Vegan label.

Why choose THE BASICS?

THE BASICS are a way to shop sustainably, because we do not need to stock up unnecessarily on different products in different sizes and colours, we simply order your desired products from our supplier when you place an order with us. This means the delivery time is slightly longer (around 7 working days), on the other hand it gives you a huge amount of choice and the price is attractive!

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Frequently asked questions about THE BASICS

What is the delivery time?

Every Monday, we order our new products from our supplier. Are you ordering your product from THE BASICS collection on Friday? Then we will order your product that following Monday. Delivery time from our supplier is approximately 2-3 working days, after which we will send your product to you as soon as possible.

Do I get a discount for larger quantities?

Yes, certainly. When ordering larger quantities, you get a discount on your order. That discount depends on the quantities you order and can be found below:

– 1 product – standard price;
– 2-3 products – 10% discount
– 4 or more products – 20% discount

Are there more colours and products available?

Yes, feel free to contact us at if you have a question about other colours and/or products, we will be happy to think with you!

What is sustainable about this?

By shopping THE BASICS collection, you are making a sustainable contribution when it comes to stock management. This is because we do not need to stock many different products, sizes and colours, but do everything to order.


By popular demand, we have created a category with new colours of the same products. People who would like to get to know our brand can do so in a low-threshold way.

Can I also order as a corporate customer?

Yes, feel free to contact us at to discuss the possibilities!