VegaVriend – Vegan food for your pets

With IT’S PAWSOME, we are always looking for partners who share the same values as we do. This is how we came into contact with VegaVriend recently, when owner Rick placed a nice order for some of our products.

We got talking and agreed that it would be a good idea to help each other.

What is VegaVriend?

VegaVriend describes it best on their own website;

VegaVriend aims to make vegan food for dogs and cats the norm rather than the exception.

At VegaVriend they know how difficult it is to get vegan pet food, so they took matters into their own hands. An extensive online shop where you can order everything in the field of vegan pet food. The orders are often shipped within 1 working day, so super fast!

The webshop is very user-friendly, as you can easily create your own account and pay with many different payment methods.

What products do they have?

The products are very diverse, but in short you could say that they have all the food for dogs and cats. This includes, among others;

Why VegaVriend?

Whether you are a dog or cat lover, you are an animal lover. That is why we stand behind VegaVriend and their vision to ensure that the inclusion of animal products in the diet of our faithful pets no longer has to be the norm. After all, why would you feed your dog or cat other animals when there is such a wonderful alternative?

To VegaVriend
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