– the online platform for people who are looking for a pet

At IT’S PAWSOME we are always on the lookout for other companies besides clothing that share the same values as we do, and this time we stumbled upon

Unfortunately, it is a daily occurrence for people to take in a pet and then, for various reasons, no longer be able or willing to look after it. In such cases, it is very important to rehome the animal so that they can find a new home. responds to this by bringing people together.

How does it work? writes the following about it on their website;

By matching pet seekers with people who can no longer care for their pets, cats and dogs can move directly from their old owners to new homes. In this way, they are spared a stay in the asylum. 

Because searching and placing animals at Verhuisdieren cannot be done anonymously and no high amounts of money may be asked for animals, users can assume that the adoption is reliable and there is no commercial interest. 

A great initiative! So, are you looking for a sweet pet? Before you start on a puppy, think about the many pets that are looking for a place to live. Because no matter how sweet a puppy or kitten is, other animals want a nice place too!

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