What is fair fashion?

Fair fashion is clothing which is manufactured in honest conditions for the workers that make it. Clothing which is free of forced – or child labour, provding an honest wage for those who make it.

Fair fashion helps provide those who live in poverty make a living. IT’S PAWSOME makes conscious chooses about who we work with. Therefore we only use products that guarantee that the people who made it are being taken care of. We use organic cotton, made from renewable resources and often from recycled materials.

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Which labels does fair fashion have?

Fair fashion can be recognized in several ways, an important one is looking at the labels in the products. Below you will find a number of labels that apply to one or more product groups of IT’S PAWSOME.

Why fair fashion?

IT’S PAWSOME only uses fair fashion to make sure we minimize our effect on other people, our planet and of course animals. To ensure the safety of workers, our producer works closely with the FairWear Foundation (FWF).

We would like to enjoy the beautiful we live in for as long as possible, and also leave it in good state for many generations after us to come!

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