What is sustainability?

Sustainability is a word that is frequently used these days, and that makes a lot of sense. By the World Commission on Environment and Development, sustainability is defined as “development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.” When you read this you will notice that sustainability can therefore be used, interpreted and given meaning in many ways.

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Being sustainable as a company

We as IT’S PAWSOME also try to give this word an interpretation in our own way. For example, we use the word sustainable in all facets of our business because we find it personally important, so important that it underlies the founding of our company. In doing so, our starting point is a sustainable relationship from human to human, human to animal and to our earth.

Partly for this reason, it is a reason for us to choose the dog as our figurehead, an animal that for many is close to us, brings commitment and as an animal is an important part of total life on earth. So you could say that the word sustainable runs like a thread through our entire company.

Why is IT’S PAWSOME sustainable?

Technical examples of this can be found in the composition of our products. For example, the organic cotton and the recycled polyester, both sustainable materials which also contain certified labels. That’s also how we know it’s not just false promises. If you want more info about these labels you can find them here on our website, you can read more about what is being done to ensure sustainable use of natural resources, but also on a humanitarian level. In addition to our website, you can also find a lot of information on the website of Milieu Centraal

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With minimal impact on the environment

We also try to use only sustainable materials in our packaging. Ultimately, we think the most important thing is that we all think about reducing waste and pollution. We want to provide good quality products that people can enjoy for a long time. How nice if it can be done in with the least possible impact on our environment, that is what we at IT’S PAWSOME are working on daily and also proud of!

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