What does gr/m2 mean in clothing?


Everything you need to know about “gr/m2” in clothing

What does “gr/m2” mean?

When browsing through clothing items, you often come across the term “gr/m2”. But what does it actually mean? “gr/m2” stands for grams per square metre and indicates the number of grams of fabric per square metre. It is a crucial measure of fabric density and weight.

Why is this important?

Fabric weight affects the comfort and suitability of clothing for different weather conditions. Lighter fabrics tend to be more airy and suitable for warmer days, while heavier fabrics offer more warmth and are suitable for colder temperatures.

Quality and strength

At IT’S PAWSOME, we believe in providing not only stylish, but also high-quality clothing. Our hoodies and jumpers are made of fabric weighing 350 gr/m2. This makes them very thick and of exceptional quality.

Why 350 gr/m2?

A fabric weight of 350 g/m2 indicates a fabric that not only feels luxurious, but is also durable and warm. Our hoodies and jumpers are designed not only to make a fashion statement, but also to envelop you in comfort, whatever the weather.

Choose IT’S PAWSOME and embrace not only stylish animal-friendly fashion, but clothes carefully designed with an eye for quality.

One step towards sustainable comfort

By choosing IT’S PAWSOME, you are not only taking a step towards sustainable fashion, but also into the world of comfortable, thick fabrics that continue to perform, wash after wash.

So, go for quality, go for warmth, and go for IT’S PAWSOME!

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