What is organic clothing?

Sustainable clothing is a collective term for clothing that is produced without harming people, animals or the environment.

The clothing industry is a very polluting industry. A lot of clothing from the ‘fast fashion’ industry is produced and then worn very little. A garment is worn only 7 times on average. Only 1% of all discarded clothing is recycled. The rest ends up in the garbage or is simply burnt.

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Which labels does sustainable clothing have?

Sustainable clothing can be recognized in several ways, an important one is looking at the labels in the products. IT’S PAWSOME clothing meets strict requirements in terms of durability, the use of minimal raw materials, not causing animal suffering and ensuring good quality. Below you will find a number of labels that apply to one or more product groups of IT’S PAWSOME.

What is vegan clothing?

Vegan clothing is clothing that does not contain animal products, such as wool or leather. Vegan clothing is free of animal suffering and often also more environmentally friendly.

IT’S PAWSOME clothing carries the PETA Approved Vegan label. PETA is an international label for animal welfare. The label is managed by PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals), a non-profit organization dedicated to animal welfare.

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